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Pairtree Intelligence is delighted to be a finalist in the Thrive Global Impact Challenge, a worldwide search for the most innovative startups advancing a more sustainable future for agriculture.

Pairtree CEO, Hamish Munro will travel to the Global Impact Summit in California’s Silicon Valley in November, where he and other finalists will pitch their groundbreaking solutions to investors, government officials, and industry leaders.

“Our selected finalists epitomize the forefront of agritech innovation in the global startup arena, presenting solutions with the potential to transform agriculture on a global scale” said John Hartnett, Founder and CEO, SVG Ventures|THRIVE.

Munro is honoured to be invited to attend the event and looks forward to the the opportunity to pitch and network with global leaders and innovators in agtech: “Over 900 companies from 87 countries applied, so we’re extremely proud to be in the top 25,” he said.

Aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, this year’s Global Impact Challenge is focused on four key themes central to supporting the transition to a net-zero future for agriculture: soil health & bio-diversity; increasing food security; reducing and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions; and water management and quality.

Patently important step for Pairtree

After several years of intense development and collaboration with key industry players, Pairtree is so confident that its unique way of handling agricultural technology data is a world first, it has taken the step of applying for a US Patent.

Officially called the “Nondestructive data pipeline to execute convergence based agricultural actions”, put simply Pairtree ingests and processes data from multiple, previously incompatible, AgTech sources in a novel way to deliver data sets that are greater than the sum of their parts.

This means farmers, agronomists, livestock managers and digital service providers can use data to greater effect than ever before, and is positive news for the future of agriculture as digital technology changes the farming landscape forever.

The service is currently delivered to farmers as Pairtree Plus, with a range of other bespoke farm data aggregation services available to larger businesses and agtech developers.

Unlocking innovation and giving farmers access to the very best digital technologies is one of the key pillars of the NFF’s roadmap to growing Australian agriculture to a $100 billion industry by 2030. Pairtree is keen to help the whole industry unlock the potential of digital innovation.

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