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Imagine all the information you need in one place and at your fingertips.

Built for farmers, My Pairtree is a universal computer dashboard that centralises all farm data into a single log in space.
It helps you view, navigate and analyse digital information across the entire farm operation and the supply chain more easily.

Pairtree Plus

Pairtree Plus is the subscription that delivers mapping tools, satellite imagery, premium weather forecast and historic trends, Spraymate (spray conditions forecasting tool), live Grain & Livestock market prices and indicators, and flexibility to add data feeds from your choice of agtech & IoT devices and digital services that best fit your business and budget.

Flexibility for the future

Pairtree Plus offers maximum benefits and choice, with the ability to add more services in the future so your farm dashboard can grow along with your uptake of technology.

Unlike other data integration platforms, Pairtree collaborates with suppliers of agtech device hardware and software to complement, not compete with, their services to farmers.

We support your right to choose which devices and services you want to use on your farm.

Think ONE, powered by MANY

We currently work with over 90 of Australia’s top and emerging agtech device and service providers to give farmers maximum choice. The list of Our Connections is growing rapidly.

Our case studies illustrate how Pairtree increases efficiencies and supports effective decision making for our clients, saving them time & money and delivering peace of mind.

The novel technique used by Pairtree to process and present data has a US patent pending.

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AgriFutures evokeAG recently visited Jack Cresswell’s farm near Dubbo NSW to see how a Pairtree PLUS subscription saves him time & money.

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