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Pairtree collaborates with agtech hardware and software and digital service suppliers to complement, not compete with their offering to farmers. We believe in your right to choose which hardware and software works best for you.

We already integrate data from these providers – if your provider isn’t here yet, get in touch so we can start the process.

System Integrations (Network and IoT)

SimplyFarmTitan ClassAxistechGoannaAgICT InternationalMAIT IndustriesPorosity

IoT Device Integrations

TussockIntegrated IrrigationWundergroundCrispIQHussatWeatherlinkAgByteAgriscanCeresTagEntoFarm21HSEOrigoAgriaceBaseStation3TracerTrakSmartTreesAgsenseIDS AustralasiaBioScoutEnviroNodeFarmbotFarmoMetosObservantOptiweighWaterwatchWattWatchersWildeyeYabby

Software Integrations

MaiaXeroBackpaddockFarmlabAgworldAgCentreCiboGoogle SheetsMobbleDataFarmingAxisStreamFarmplanFarmMap4DJohn DeereOpterraPhocasFarm XRThink DigitalSentinelHubWaterNSWWaterQLDAgriWebbNLISENVDOzForecast

Network Connectivity


Who We Have Worked With


Paired Collaborators

Think DigitalFarmlabCiboMobbleBackpaddockMetosOptiweighPorosity

Pairtree support and adheres to the National Farmers Federation’s Australian Farm Data Code.

Our Paired Collaborators are part of an informal strategic alliance that seeks to improve data services for farmers by advancing farmers’ ownership and control of their on-farm data while complying with the NFF data code.

To find out more or to discuss custom-made solutions for your specific data display & analysis needs.

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