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Pairtree offers tailor-made data ingestion and visualisation solutions for businesses and agencies to help their clients view and analyse information more easily.

Pairtree’s ‘White Label’ approach enables AgTech & IoT device suppliers, corporate agribusinesses, government agencies & other service providers to use their own branding & deliver digital services & data feeds to clients in a connected & user-friendly way.

By overcoming incompatibility issues between providers, Pairtree makes your data more valuable to users as they can compare information from different sources to explore scenarios relevant to their decision making.

We ensure that your solution is capable of connecting to other services to build better decision support for your customers, with room to adapt and expand your offering in the future.

Powered by Pairtree Intelligence

Pairtree collaborates with major suppliers of AgTech and IoT devices and services to centralise data for users – essentially allowing different digital platforms to ‘speak’ to each other – providing a higher level of analytics and usability for clients.

Pairtree Intelligence is building a network of progressive device and service suppliers that wish to build a better-connected world and supply meaningful decision solutions. Our current integration connections include over 90 leading and emerging AgTech companies. This network is constantly growing.

Pairtree’s White Label approach is a data ingestion, visualisation and analytics platform with your corporate branding, that allows your company to focus on delivering what you do best.

Our case studies highlight how some of our Business clients use Pairtree Intelligence to provide market insights and analytics tools to their clients.

The novel technique used by Pairtree to process and present data has a US patent pending.

Natural Capital and Carbon Projects

Pairtree is the ideal choice for consultants and aggregators working in the rapidly expanding natural capital and carbon farming industry. Pairtree can work with you to develop a service for your customers to collect, analyse, monitor and verify at scale, the broad range of data sets that are required for compliant delivery of these projects.

Our track record demonstrates our flexible approach and ability to integrate data from a myriad of sources. Our white label approach means you can work with us to design a data solution for your clients and present it to them with your own company branding.

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