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Imagine all the farm data you need connected in one place

Subscription Inclusions:

Subscription Price (excl GST):

$40 per month

$440 per year

Add integrations (excl GST):

$250 per integration set up

+ $40 per month service fee

Integrate your existing and future agtech

A subscription to PLUS is a great starting point to build your centralised farm data platform.

It works as a stand alone service delivering mapping, satellite imagery, markets and weather.

However, PLUS really comes into its own when you integrate your other agtech.

Our Connections include 100+ agtech device and service providers.

Our Case Studies show how we save clients time & money and deliver peace of mind.

NFF data code badge

A real badge of honour

Pairtree PLUS is the first service NFF Farm Data Code certified*.
Click badge to find out more and read our Data Code Audit Report.

Farms of the Future Program Partner Badge

Smart Farms of the Future

Pairtree is an official Program Partner in the NSW DPI's Farms of the Future program. Click the badge to find out more.

AgriFutures evokeAG recently visited Jack Cresswell’s farm near Dubbo NSW to see how a Pairtree PLUS subscription saves him time & money.

Discover what Pairtree can do for you

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Read about our latest partnerships and projects in our News section.

The novel technique used by Pairtree to process and present data has a US patent pending.

*The Farm Data Code Certification Trade Mark is owned by the National Farmers’ Federation Limited (NFF), and its use is not an endorsement or a representation by NFF other than that the product was assessed as compliant with the Farm Data Code.

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