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Pairtree is extremely proud to announce that our universal farm data dashboard, Pairtree Plus, is the very first service in Australia to be officially Farm Data Code certified by the National Farmers Federation.

This means it is 100% compliant with the NFF Data Code, a set of principles that aims to promote the adoption of digital technology, by ensuring farmers feel comfortable and understand how their data is used, managed and shared.

The Code was developed by the NFF in consultation with farmers, researchers, industry experts, technology providers and government over the past few years.

Farm Data Code benefits farmers and agtech industry

Pairtree CEO, Hamish Munro, is passionate about protecting farmers from having their data exploited in ways they didn’t necessarily understand or agree to.

“I’ve been on the NFF’s Farm Data Working Group helping to develop the Code for a couple of years,” he said. “As a fifth-generation farmers, I am very sympathetic to how farmers might feel about their data being shared, or even sold, without their permission.

“On the other hand, as an agtech provider, I know the potential benefits that can be gained by individual farmers, researchers, communities and industries sharing particular data sets, but only with consent.

“It’s all about honesty and integrity. Being able to display the NFF Data Code Certified badge, tells farmers that we can be trusted and there’ll be no nasty surprises down the track. Hopefully it will encourage more of them to adopt new technologies.”

Read the NFF announcement

Read the NFF Summary Audit Report for Pairtree PLUS

The Farm Data Code Certification Trade Mark is owned by the National Farmers’ Federation Limited (NFF), and its use is not an endorsement or a representation by NFF other than that the product was assessed as compliant with the Farm Data Code.

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