Global Digital Farm’s enhanced capabilities

A new collaboration between Charles Sturt University and Pairtree Intelligence will enhance capabilities at the Global Digital Farm (GDF) in Wagga Wagga, and allow participants at the upcoming Digital Agrifood Summit to be be among the first to explore the groundbreaking project.

A new platform has been created, which houses all the different data points and systems at the GDF, as well as data feeds such as weather and market information, and enables integrated data sets to be exported for analytical purposes.

Read the full story at CSU.

Digital Agrifood Summit will be held at CSU Wagga Wagga 11-12 October.

Pairtree is the Australian leader in farm data integration, and CEO Hamish Munro joins two expert panels at the summit to discuss how data sharing and whole-of-farm connectivity is vital to unlock the full value of advances in agricultural technology.

Pictured above (from left) CiboLabs Operations Mangaer Nik Henry, Global Digital Farm Technical Officer Nelson West, Global Digital Farm Director Jon Medway, Pairtree Founder Hamish Munro, and AgriPark Executive Director Nick Pagett, pictured at the Henty Machinery Field Days. Photo supplied by CSU.

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