farm data flows with pairtree and extrata

Ag data flows on new data exchange platform

Katanning Research Station and Merredin Dryland Research Institute are at the forefront of agricultural research in Western Australia.

Both sites, run by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD), test and showcase the latest farm technologies in the field.

One such technology is DPIRD’s Extrata, a new data exchange platform, designed to assist primary producers safely share and leverage farm data to create efficiencies and increase profitability.

At Katanning and Merredin crucial information about feed on offer, soil moisture, weather conditions, satellite imagery, water supply and other metrics is gathered from different sensors, then securely shared via Extrata with data integration platform Pairtree.

Pairtree then aggregates all the disparate data sets and creates visual presentations so the information can be accessed and understood in a user-friendly way. This allows the researchers to more easily carry out detailed analysis.

“We are proud to collaborate with DPIRD to demonstrate the important role digital technologies can and will play in the future of the industry,” said Pairtree CEO, Hamish Munro.

“Combining data from multiple different sources into coherent, valuable insights is at the core of what we do,” said Munro. “We work with producers, suppliers, agtech developers and other stakeholders to deliver better outcomes for the industry as a whole.”

“The Pairtree platform addresses DPIRD’s requirement for seamless visualisation of multiple IoT sensors from various vendors across different locations,” said Darren Gibbon, DPIRD’s Project Manager, Farming Systems Innovation.

“Additionally, Pairtree easily facilitated the straightforward integration of Pasture from Space data,” said Gibbon. “Researchers now have a single platform for accessing all the necessary information. The collaboration has been very positive for both parties.”

DPIRD’s Extrata and Pairtree’s Plus services are two of the first products to be Farm Data Code certified by the National Farmers Federation. The Code aims to promote the adoption of digital technology, by ensuring farmers feel comfortable and understand how their data is used, managed and shared.

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