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Pairtree is excited to be an official Farms of the Future (FotF) Agtech Program Partner with the NSW Department of Primary Industries in 2023.

Our streamlined farm dashboards centralise all your digital information from various sources so it’s easier to access, analyse and use for better decision making support.

Eligible farmers can use Farms of the Future funds on a Pairtree PLUS subscription with the option of adding data sets & live feeds from IoT devices, apps and digital services from 18 selected FotF suppliers (additional fees apply).

Check out the full list of Pairtree PLUS subscription inclusions and the many benefits of adding integrations.

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PairtreeIntelligence Integrations
Add data and digital feeds from any of these 18 FotF suppliers to your Pairtree dashboard for a special discounted rate.

Access and analyse crucial information from all your agtech devices, apps and services together on one easy to navigate farm dashboard including all the features of a Pairtree PLUS subscription.

You are no longer wedded to using one particular brand or supplier because Pairtree can make the different data sets ‘speak’ to each other by ‘standardising’ your farm data.

This means digital information can be viewed and used together in new and effective ways.

For example, if you have water tank, dam level & trough gauges from two or more different suppliers, you can now view the levels of all your water resources together on one digital farm map.

No need to log in to different apps or websites and no more ‘data silos’ that mean your data can’t be used across different computer programs.

With Pairtree your farm data is securely stored in a standardised format ready to be used in regulatory reporting frameworks including LPA and carbon farming, and other future protocols.

We guarantee you can always add more integrations in the future as your uptake of technology grows or you change suppliers. Integrations with 100+ other suppliers are available on request but may not be covered by FotF grants.



Spraymate Plus

spraymate plus

Take the guesswork out of spray planning with Spraymate's 12hr, 24hr, 48hr and 7 day spray conditions forecasting.

My Farm Weather

my farm weather

Detailed, hyper-localised, geolocated to your farm. 7 day forecast + past 7 days from Jane's weather. Create graphs to visualise 19 different weather metrics over a chosen timeframe.

Historical Weather

historical weather

Historic + cumulative and average daily rainfalls, total monthly rainfall vs evaporation, hazardous weather events plus more.

Windy Weather

windy weather

Windy Weather's 9-day animated, zoomable weather maps. View rain, wind, clouds, humidity, dew point or rain accumulations.

Rainfall Override

rainfall override

Add your own farm rainfall records.


AuctionsPlus Indicators

Auctionsplus indicators

Cattle and sheep price indicators from AuctionsPlus' Livestock BI.

Livestock Indicators

livestock indicators

MLA's national cattle and sheep price indicators including EYCI and Heavy Lamb.

Livestock Markets Plus

livestock markets plus

Prices from all saleyards nationally with the ability to select and compare any yards.

Grains Markets scaled

grains markets

Current & historic wheat and canola prices at major ports from iGrain.

Grains Futures and FX

grain futures and FX

Live grains futures prices from Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) and Foreign Exchange cross rates.



Customised Twitter feed so you can stay up to date with the latest news that interests you.



mapping & satellite

GIS Mapping - mapping tool and workbench. Add satellite imagery to your paddock layers.


Compare satellite images

MI (moisture index); SWIR (shortwave infrared); NDVI (normalised difference vegetation index).


Your PLUS subscription includes unlimited users at up to 5 locations (farms), 50GB secure data storage and online or phone support within 48 hours.

Rest assured knowing Pairtree is a signatory to the NFF’s Farm Data Code, so your data is absolutely safe with us.


Connect data from any of these 18 Farms of the Future “Paired Partners” to your Pairtree dashboard for a special FotF price.

AgriWebbAxistechBioScoutEnviroNodeFarmbotFarmoGoannaAgICT InternationalMAIT IndustriesMetosObservantOptiweighPorosityWaterwatchWattWatchersWildeyeYabbyZetifi


Pairtree PLUS with all inclusions listed above

$40* per month

Fotf catalogue product code: PPMonth

Set up fee per supplier (includes multiple devices)

$250* one off integration

FotF catalogue product code: PISetup

Integration maintenance fee per supplier

$40* per month per supplier  

FotF product code: PIMonth

Please note that you must have an active Pairtree PLUS subscription in order to integrate data from ‘Paired Partners’ and other sources to your Pairtree dashboard. If you are not ready to integrate data yet, or haven’t decided on what agtech you will adopt on your farm in the future, you can always add it later. Pairtree PLUS is a great starting point. Farms of the Future funding is only available for Pairtree PLUS subscriptions and integrations with the 18 suppliers listed above. If you want to include data from other suppliers, please contact us. *All prices ex GST.


We are the industry leaders in the Australian agtech and farm data integration space, having successfully integrated data from 100+ different suppliers so far, and always adding more. Check out our connections.

We also work with industry associations, research organisations and government agencies to create bespoke data integration and visualisation solutions.

Please contact us to discuss your unique data integration and display needs if you can’t see what you’re looking for here.

Farms of the Future Pilot Project stories...

Pairtree played a key role in Farms of the Future pilot project back in 2020.

Three farms tested a wide range of agtech so other producers could do on-site and virtual tours, and the farmers could provide invaluable insights and feedback about their experiences to help shape the new program.

Pairtree was called on to centralise data from 20 different types of devices, from eight different suppliers, on four different networks (LoRaWAN, Wi-Fi, cellular and satellite) at the three different farms.

By using Pairtree dashboards the farmers could access, view and understand data feeds from all the devices more easily.

This included water tank, trough, bore level and irrigation monitors, soil moisture probes, in crop senors, remote weather stations, video surveillance, in paddock cattle weighing & monitoring and more.

Watch the three FotF pilot farmers discuss their experiences using the latest agtech, integrated together on a Pairtree dashboard, on the properties.

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