Big cattle

Big Cattle, Big Data Headaches

Imagine creating property performance reports for well over 20 large cattle stations across Australia, using multiple different data collection and reporting systems, including a range of seemingly incompatible agtech devices and services.

Staff manually downloading various spreadsheets each month, then literally cutting and pasting relevant columns or rows into different types of programs and reports for station managers, analysts, shareholders and others to view.

Business analysts spending days each month doing grunt work to make the numbers the right format and intelligible, rather than spending their valuable time actually analysing those numbers.

Sound familiar?

Not only is this clumsy and time consuming, it adds an unacceptable margin for error in the reports and limits how the data can be used in other ways now and in the future.

That was the nightmare facing staff and managers at one of our biggest corporate cattle clients before we streamlined their data services and automated many of their reporting tasks.

Now the data is much more reliable and up to date than ever before, and much easier to access and use in different applications.

The key is Pairtree’s unique API – application programming interface – which allows different applications to speak to each other in a common digital language.

By ‘normalising’ all the station data, previously incompatible data sets can be viewed and analysed together: mob management, pasture information and mob performance – think Agriwebb, CiboLabs and Optiweigh – all on the same page, just to name a few.

Now add some of the standard features of Pairtree farm dashboards – up to date livestock sales and AuctionsPlus indicators where you can view and compare prices at saleyards near and far, then add 100 years of historic weather records, trends and forecasts for all the properties.

Using our ‘White Label’ service the client was able to develop custom dashboards using the now ‘normalised’ data to create specific views, queries and reports to provide the operational insights and planning tools best suited to their needs.

This is just one example of why Pairtree is Australia’s leading agriculture data integration platform and why you should think about whether you are managing your operation’s data in the most efficient and effective way.

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