livestock production assurance reporting

Agtech helping producers meet compliance

Making it easier for meat producers and others in the value chain to report on Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) compliance was the focus of a joint initiative between Meat and Livestock Association (MLA), Integrity Systems Company (ISC) and Pairtree Intelligence.

The project delivered a prototype that centralised data from different sources and pre-filled the majority of fields in the compliance documentation for the producer, saving time and potential typos by eliminating double data entry.

The streamlined data portal and farm dashboard devised by Pairtree also has applications for recording methane emissions and carbon sequestration data.

“The easier we make on-farm data to collect, comprehend and utilise, the greater the chance more producers will embrace agtech and its adoption,” said Pairtree’s Hamish Munro.

Read the full article at Integrity Systems.

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