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Better farm data display at WA Research Facility

Katanning Research Facility (KRF) is Western Australia’s primary sheep research facility, managed and funded by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) to support the sustainable productivity and profitability of the WA sheep industry.  

In 2019 DPIRD partnered with Southern DIRT, a grower group in the Great Southern area of WA, to invite AgTech companies to apply for the opportunity to supply and demonstrate sensors and devices that addressed the needs of farmers in the region.

Several companies were selected to install and showcase their offerings at KRF during the Southern Dirt TECHSPO Field Day in August 2019.

Pairtree Intelligence was engaged to create a single, unified dashboard to pull all of the different data sets, from sensors supplied by various companies, together for this important AgTech demonstration.

Pairtree’s work meant that crucial information about feed on offer, soil moisture probes, temperature, dust sensors in the sheep yards, water tank & trough gauges and open gate sensors at KRF could be accessed and displayed in a user-friendly way.

“What’s unique about Pairtree is our ability to integrate data from different sources and the flexibility we offer to customise the display of different data sets in a way that’s most useful to the client, depending on their needs,” said Pairtree Co-Founder Hamish Munro.

“Better data display leads to better decision support. Some people want basic information that’s easy to understand at a glance displayed on a screen in the lunch room for all the workers to see, whereas others want their data aggregated in specific ways to facilitate higher level, detailed analytics for farm decision support. As far as I know, we are the only company offering that level of flexibility in Australia today.”


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