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"centralising data sets that are related in operation, but not connected"

"centralising data sets that are related in operation, but not connected"



"80% of farmers and land managers suffer from data overload! They are concerned that they are not utilising the data that they have to make objective and repeatable decisions" 

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The Dirt!

Currently hardware and software solutions provide an insights dashboard which provides great overview and quick reference to the core solution offering. 

Higher level and cross platform review is fragmented and dis-jointed, as there isn't a centralised repository to access your suite of solutions data sources. The traditional process of manually gathering sets of data, limits managers time and ability to improve upon a repeatable decision making process.

Pairtree is a cutting edge Australian innovation, that  can centralise data-sets within the farm operation or throughout the supply chain.

Pairtree allows farmers and managers to choose the solutions (hardware or software) that best fits their business. As a Universal dashboard we are agnostic and independent, not pushing solutions that may not necessarily fit, but allowing the correct mix for greater productivity of your operation.

PAIRTREE, can pair any network, IoT device, public data channels (commodity markets, weather, etc.), Surveillance streaming, institutional data feeds and many other software packages. (financial, production, etc.). 

Our innovative approach of centralising financial and natural capital performance, presents PAIRTREE as a world class customisable business dashboard and Ag-Tech platform. 

Collecting objective data within a single source dashboard, accessible via smart devices provides a significant increase in productivity, sustainability  and competitiveness of Australian Agriculture. 

The ability to analysis and compare scenarios, provides farmers with a more consistent decision making process, rather than using traditional subjective measurement.

Our plan is "3D" to close the gap between "DEVICE  →  DISPLAY  →  DECISION" 

The Herd Affect

Suppliers and Manufacturers

Pairtree Intelligence is building a network of progressive device and service suppliers that wish to build a better connected world and supply meaningful decision solutions. 

Pairtree believes that it is important for our business model to not compete with the clients original solution providers, But complement their data sets and provide addition value through data centralisation. 

Our approach is to visualise and provide higher level analytics too disparate data sets and urge the clients to interact with the original solution providers application. 

Pairtree can be used as a two way conduit to pull and push disparate data sets for the client, to and from clients applications.

The Pairtree ecosystem is considered to be a key element of allowing resource managers to understand how they might improve their decision making process. The Pairtree ecosystem essentially cross promotes the suite of suppliers (hardware and software) that  provide permission based client access (API, SQL, MQTT, etc) to the Pairtree platform. Clients will be able to see a wide range of service solutions and then begin to build and centralise their specific suite of data sets, empowering a hugher level decision support process.

The Pairtree marketplace (coming soon) will promote supplier packages and services that link a number of services.

The establishment of our Pairtree's ecosystem and marketplace is a key pillar in delivering our "3D" plan, pairing solution providers together and providing quality outcomes for farmers will create new opportunities.

Farmer Groups

By creating farmer groups at regional, state and national focuses can provide added insight to your on-farm performances.

A shared farmer based ecosystem* where IoT devices (weather stations and Probes), environmental resources attributes (soils, climatic conditions), production data and financial indicators can all be combined to increase farmer knowledge and productivity. 

*When signing up, you decide whether and what to Opt-in to the PairTree Ecosystem.

Data Silos

Data Driven


"The use of centralised data will not necessarily increase the total production or volume of all farms, rather assist farms to be more efficient which in turn increases profitability and sustainability."

Ben Watts, Bralca 

Data at your FINGERTIPS

Connect all of your data streams to one convenient and central spot.

Data is POWER

For decision making quickly review your agricultural data from financials, livestock markets, weather, to IoT devices like tank monitors, soil probes, walk over weighing, rainfall.

The Pairtree ecosystem has a growing mix of data feeds that famers and managers are able to add to their suite of dashboards. If your favorite device or software provider isn't shown here, don't worry, let us know and who your contact is, so we can start our partner integration process.


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