Pairtree Wins Prestigious 2021 IoT Award

Pairtree Wins Prestigious 2021 IoT Award

The winner of the Food & Agribusiness category at the 2021 IoT Alliance Australia awards is Pairtree Intelligence. Competition was fierce in this category, giving judges a tough choice to decide this year’s winner.

“What’s great about this year’s entries was a real consideration of how IoT can be used to both collect the data we need to better understand what’s happening on farm but also how we can use that data to make better decisions,” said Clare Rutherford, member of the IoTAA Awards judging panel.

“I’ve spoken to farmers about waking up in the morning and using multiple applications, multiple different platforms to check different elements of their farm management journey,” Clare told the Awards audience.

“What I love about Pairtree is that they’re thinking how do we bring all that together into a common platform. They’re thinking about that farmer experience. You just go to one platform and it’s telling you all that information… it is device agnostic and it’s creating that really useable, functional design for farmers.”

Co-Founder of Pairtree, Hamish Munro credits widespread collaboration as the key to his company’s success: “We currently integrate data from well over 90 different digital device and service suppliers into our platform,” he said.

“We collaborate, rather than compete, with others in the agriculture IoT space. We’re all about making farm data work better for farmers.”

“We are excited and humbled to receive this accolade and would like to thank IOTAA and award sponsors KPMG for this recognition and also acknowledge the other outstanding Finalists in our category: Farmbot, Goanna Ag and the MLA.

The IoT Awards are the official awards of the IoT Alliance Australia.

For more about the awards or to watch the presentation visit: IoTAA Awards

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