Pairtree Pipes Sandbox How-To Guide

Below you will find some key guides to get you started with the Pairtree Pipes Sandbox.

We highly recommend using the Postman pack as it takes care of 95% of the setup for you, but if you’d prefer to DIY, the documentation will give you everything you need.

We love feedback, so if there is something you’d like to see in Sandbox, in the how to guide or in Pipes in general, please let us know by reaching out through out contact form.

image depicting a completed Sandbox Registration form

To register for Sandbox access, fill in the registration form here and click Register.

You will need to verify your account so make sure you enter a valid email address, this is also where we’ll send your API key.

We only allow one registration per company, but if your team would like to explore more functionality please get in touch with us to discuss options.

An image depicting the Sandbox Verify email

One you have registered for an account, you will need to verify your email address.

You’ll receive an email from “” with a link to click on which will verify your account.

Simply click the link where it says “click here” and your account will be verified, which will also send your welcome email and API Key.

If you didn’t receive an email to verify your account, or need another one, you can re-send your account verification email here.

An image depicting the Sandbox Welcome email with API keyOnce you have verified, we’ll send you a welcome email containing your API key and a link to the API documentation. 

Make sure you keep your API key handy as you will need it to use the Sandbox and all of the functions.

If you didn’t receive an email to verify your account, or need another one, you can re-send your account verification email here.

If you have lost the email that contains your API key, you will need to reach out to us to have it resent.

We have prepared a suite of Swagger/OpenAPI 3.0 compatible documentation which you can find here.

The documentation will take you through all the API functions, their endpoints, as well as the available and required parameters.

The documentation is subject to change, so please bookmark/favourite the page for reference to make sure you are always using the current version, rather than downloading a static copy of it.

For all the Postman fans out there, we have a downloadable Sandbox pack that you can import straight into Postman and use straight away.

You will still need an API key, but we’ve set the whole API up for you.

Simply download the zip here, then add your API Key to the ‘apikey-piper’ variable to get started.

Detailed Steps

  1. Download the zip here
  2. Extract the “Pairtree Pipes Sandbox.postman_collection.json” from the zip file to your chosen location
  3. Open your Postman workspace and click on Import
  4. Select the newly extracted file from step 2, and click Open
  5. Click on the heading “Pairtree Pipes Sandbox” which should now appear in your collections navigator
  6. Click on the Variables tab
  7. Enter the API key from your welcome email into the ‘apikey-piper’ variable’s “Current value” field
  8. Click save (not shown in the screenshot)

An image showing the Postman screen for Sandbox

Once you have configured the Postman collection, you will need to execute the “SBX Get Client API Keys” function to get your client API keys.

Each Sandbox account comes with two client keys that can be used to access their respective Sandbox organisations.

OrgID 231 – Notalotta Acres and OrgID 248 – A Few More Acres.

To get client API Keys in Postman

  1. Click on the first endpoint “SBX Get Client API Keys” 
  2. Click ‘Send’
  3. You will receive a response with Client API Keys (demo shown)

An image showing the execution of the client api key function

You can now add one of the client API Keys to the apikey-client variable, the same way you did for the apikey-piper variable in step 6-8 above.

Hint:  If you want to be able to toggle between organisations/clients easily, you can setup Environments in Postman and redirect your variables to the Environment!

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Sandbox API Documentation

Looking for Sandbox API Documentation?

You can access the documentation at the below link – be sure to bookmark it as it may change from time to time!

Postman API Package

How does a ready to use, Postman Package sound so you can import and execute functions in a less than 60 seconds?  

Download it below!

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