When less is best

farmbot lite remote water level monitor with cows

The idea of using the latest technologies to drive efficiencies and increase profits on farms is an exciting prospect for some farmers and completely daunting for others. Farmers want to know the ‘return on investment’ before they fork out money for new equipment, but that can be hard to calculate on smaller, family run or […]

What next for cattle prices?

aerial shot of cattle through gate

There was always going to be a cattle price correction after the steep rise experienced during Covid 19. The price graph below, from Pairtree’s Livestock Markets dashboard, shows the picture clearly. The big rise starts in January 2020 and peaks around May 2022. What’s taken many by surprise, however, is the speed it has dropped […]

Bright Future for NT Farming

NT conference speaker

It was great to attend the Northern Australia Food Futures Conference (NAFFC) in Darwin last week. The 30+ degree days were a bonus compared to the frost of Orange, but the best thing was the chance to learn so much about the big issues, opportunities and challenges facing northern farmers. The bi-annual conference brings together […]

Oils ain’t Oils and neither is Farm Data

Big cattle

  Through this blog series we have covered a step by step approach to identifying the correct connectivity networks and tech for your farm – See recent blog: Where do I start with Farm IoT (Internet of Things) – and also the first contemplation of what is needed within the Australian Agtech ecosystem to allow […]

Farm data gaps; Black holes or Gold mines?

Carwoola Farmbot Farm data gaps; Black holes or Gold mines?

  These gaps are really now the low hanging fruit to change the on-farm data approach and turn these black holes into gold mines. Through this series we have been looking at how farmers can kick start their agtech experience and ensure that they are making the most informed decisions as possible to maximise productivity […]

Interoperability, What does that mean for farmers?

Pairtree Blog Interoperability, What does that mean for farmers

  Have you ever looked at your phone and wondered why there are so many apps and why the apps can’t all talk to each other? Now imagine you’re a farmer on a large property, managing a livestock and cropping operation. Every decision you make will affect the health of your crop or the well […]

So I Think I’ve got my network sorted?

So I Think I’ve got my network sorted? Thank You | Smart Farm Information Revolution | Pairtree

  After spending much time researching which network will be most suitable for your operation – See recent blog Where do I start with Farm IoT (Internet of Things). THE ONE, most likely will still only service a large percentage of your property and so there still may need to be some additional data connectivity […]

Where do I start with Farm IoT (Internet of Things)

Where do I start with Farm IoT (Internet of Things)

  Many farmers are struggling to keep up with; and understand the fast moving complexities that Smart farms can offer. The old adage of “how do you eat an elephant” applies within this case. “You just start”, there are many options now available and there are many RDC’s that are tackling the larger issues of […]

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