Computer Engineer/ Backend Software developer


Are you an experienced developer looking for a technical challenge, have you ever considered contributing to an industry wide data convergence and integration platform. Improving decision support to the world’s best farmers who are feeding and clothing the world? https://pairtree.co/ 

Pairtree is a small Australian Agtech Company that has created a ‘Universal Dashboard’ that centralises data that is related, but not yet connected. Pairtree is an agnostic platform, joining disparate networks, IoT devices, Apps, Software, Drone and Satellite imagery, Web and many other data sets that affect the daily operations of Australian Farmers. Our platform is designed to ensure that agtech adoption continues and data management is delivered in Farmer Friendly interfaces and information accessible concepts.

Pairtree has the largest suite of ‘Paired Partners’/ integrations within the Australian Agtech ecosystem of over 70 existing connections at present and is looking for strong development talent that is interested in continuing our approach and building a resilient platform for our resilient land managers and food and fibre supply chains.

With clients and demonstration sites throughout Australia, our cloud base platform is capable of delivering services to many industries. Our key focus is extensive livestock, Cropping and Cotton, with experience in Horticulture as well. 

What we are looking for:-

Someone that is interested in a Full Time position, who can work remotely and is goal driven within their own setting, but can connect into a growing team and positively contribute to the requirements of the team and the tasks at hand.

We are looking for a problem solver type person, someone who can mix experience, agility and innovation into each task to continue to build our leading platform and services.

We are looking for a software engineer and so experience in Agriculture is not essential, but would be preferable.

We hope that you can assist us with:-


Pairtree is looking for:-

  • Self motivated persons that can work remotely and meet goals, objectives and timelines
  • Someone that is a problem solver and can positively contribute to an existing approach and make calculated decisions and suggestions
  • Bachelor degree (similar or higher) in Computer Science, Software Engineering or a related field
  • Technical and business analysis skills
  • Someone with 3-5 years+ experience in software development
  • Someone with Agricultural experience is preferable but not necessary
  • Great communication skills and knowledge of co-working software solutions (JIRA, Confluence, Slack, etc.)


Applicants must have demonstrated expertise in 4 or more of the following areas and familiarity with others.


  • Postgresql
  • C#
  • Javascript (AngularJS, React, NodeJS)
  • PHP
  • Java (Spring Boot)
  • Grafana
  • AWS
  • IoT Protocols
  • Geoserver/ GIS / remote sensing
  • Linux



Mid-level seniority


We are looking for a full time team member(s) that is/ are capable of starting ASAP.


This remuneration package will be negotiated in terms of experience, capability and Industry knowledge.


Working from home, preferably in New South Wales. The head office is based in Orange, NSW, Australia, with team members throughout Central West NSW.

Applications Close:

At present we are looking for a number of potential positions and so this role type will remain open. Please feel free to get in contact and if you are right for our business then let’s talk.


Please apply to by email with cover letter addressing your key offering to our growing business and your latest CV, to:-

Hamish Munro
Pairtree Co-Founder
0429 677 206