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Pairtree CORE or ‘CORE’ is a small software package that can be purchased by itself, for farmers that want to centralise weather, satellite imagery, markets, news and more. 

CORE is the first stand alone, agnostic data ingestion platform, providing ‘Information as a service’ to farmers. CORE has been designed and built by farmers for farmers.

CORE is the basic first step for any farmer and grazier to start their Agtech journey, with the connection of many separate services that are required daily by farmers.

Pairtree has listened to farmers and understands that there are always different demands for different farmers and so we offer CORE in three (3) subscription tiers. Basic, Pro (professional) and Enterprise which are priced between $0.50 – $2.00 + gst / day, allowing gradual inclusions of services, when desired by the farmer.

CORE (Pro and Enterprise) allows easy access to:-

  •       MyFarm weather (hyper-localised weather to a 5x5km grid, Forecast and historic),
  •       National Markets (MLA NLRS (markets and Indicators), AuctionsPlus (Indicators), AgCentre Over the Hook (OTH) Indicators, CBOT and ASX grains futures
  •       Mapping layers (add Paddock maps, PMAV, Trigger maps, river levels and more)
  •       Basic Satellite Imagery (NDVI, SWIR and WMI)
  •       and more…. (Spraymate, Twitter) 

CORE is the base building block of the Pairtree platform and allows farmers to select and integrate any data set within our ecosystem and their operation to our single login dashboards. Pairtree is continually building new integrations as required, to ensure that farmers can add suitable solutions to their businesses and the platform. Currently there are over 90 integrations that can be added, when the farmer decides to broaden their data capture.


Pairtree, gives you the flexibility of choice to add any solution provider that suits your business and then allows your data to be viewed within a single site. #thinkonepoweredbymany

CORE Setup Fee: 
$650 + GST

CORE Recurring fee: 
$40/month (including data storage for your farm)

(NB: Additional integrations are charged separately)  

SIGN UP is simple, just 8 quick and easy questions. 


· User email address (Username)

· Business trading name

· Farm Name


· Postal address

· Billing option Monthly or Annual

· Latitude and Longitude of preferred virtual weather station (House, yards, workshop, etc.)

· Name of Virtual weather station site

Paddock map file (Geojson, .shp, .kml or .kmz. NB: if paddock map is held in a software package (Agworld, Back Paddock, Agriwebb, etc.) simply send them an email requesting it to be shared with Pairtree at