Why are we attempting to overcome the ‘interoperability’ issue of disparate data?

“As a farmer I deal with the limitations that farmers face everyday, I am also frustrated by the amount of data that I am already capturing, BUT not fully utilising and I don’t have an overarching decision support platform to assist repeatable decision making. Centralising data sets that are related in operation, but not connected in reality is core to Pairtree’s connectivity value proposition and market position.
This is why we have committed to providing an agricultural centric solution that works with your existing platforms and complements the many data sources of your business.”

Hamish Munro, Farmer, Founder and Director

Have you ever looked at your phone and wondered why there are so many apps and why the apps can’t all talk to each other?

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Interoperability, What does that mean for farmers?

Now imagine you’re a farmer on a large property, managing a livestock and cropping operation. Every decision you make will affect the health of your crop or the well being of the livestock.

Oils ain’t Oils and neither is Farm Data

Through this blog series we have covered a step by step approach to identifying the correct connectivity networks and tech for your farm (SEE: https://pairtree.co/2019/06/03/where-do-i-start-with-farm-iot-internet-of-things/ ) and also the first contemplation of what...

These gaps are really now the low hanging fruit to change the on-farm data approach and turn these black holes into gold mines.

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Farm data gaps; Black holes or Gold mines?

Through this series we have been looking at how farmers can kick start their agtech experience and ensure that they are making the most informed decisions as possible to maximise productivity and efficiency gains on farm.

Agtech for Agtech sake will only provide a costly and bad experience, Thus a planned approach will pay rewards.

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So I Think I’ve got my network sorted?

After spending much time researching which network will be most suitable for your operation (See last Blog), you have committed to ‘THE ONE’.

THE ONE, most likely will still only service a large percentage of your property and so there still may need to be some additional data connectivity or consideration at a later stage.

Where do I start with Farm IoT (Internet of Things)

Many farmers are struggling to keep up with; and understand the fast moving complexities that Smart farms can offer. The old adage of “how do you eat an elephant” applies within this case. “You just start”, there are many options now available and there are many RDC’s that are tackling the larger issues of quality and commercial viability/ longevity.


Welcome to our inaugural Pairtree blog. We have been very busy earlier this year finalising our database infrastructure and a efficient onboarding process for new data sets. We are close to having a BETA integration portal for tech savvy members, BUT also are concentrating on our core approach of assisting farmers and innovators in agriculture to more easily integrate other devices and software.