Hamish Munro

Hamish Munro
May 6, 2019 · 4 min read

Welcome to our inaugural Pairtree blog. We have been very busy earlier this year finalising our database infrastructure and a efficient onboarding process for new data sets. We are close to having a BETA integration portal for tech savvy members, BUT also are concentrating on our core approach of assisting farmers and innovators in agriculture to more easily integrate other devices and software.


For those that may not have heard of us yet, we are a small Agtech company in Australia. As a fifth generation farmer, our farm needs to be as efficient and productive as possible, to remain sustainable and profitable.

The exponential growth in innovation of digital tech. solutions can drive our business to achieve the productivity that we require. The current approach for many experts and researchers is to concentrate on topics of expertise and create tools to assist productivity. This approach is effectively the only way that agricultural innovation can incrementally unlock productivity gains.

BUT, this creates data silos, which is causing greater distraction and consuming valuable time for the operational management of farmers businesses.

Pairtree Intelligence has taken on the challenge to better assist farmers to manage their enterprises, by creating a flexible umbrella approach to innovation. Pairtree complements any solution providers data, by centralising the data on a range of dashboards that the farmer can access and understand the headlines and key messages for decision making.

Pairtree is an agnostic dashboard platform, that doesn’t have other software that we require farmers to use. Pairtree can connect different networks, solution providers, IoT devices, software, apps, web, satellite imagery and many more.

see www.pairtree.co


We have just been accepted into the SproutX accelerator program. SproutX is the largest and longest running Agtech accelerator in Australia. We are very honored to be apart of this program and very keen to ensure that Pairtree can deliver better connectivity of data, through our Universal Dashboard.

Last Thursday (3rd May 2019) was the launch night at the Goods shed, 710 Collins St, Melbourne. We had a fantastic attendance with well over 100 Agtech enthusiasts and investors seeing what innovation the SproutX guys had unearthed.

2019 is the third cohort for SproutX, making it the largest agtech accelerator in Australia. Many of the previous companies have gone on to great things.


The Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA), RED MEAT 2018, Digital Forum, November 2018. allowed us to showcase many of the key operational functionalities that we offer at Carwoola Station, Bungendore.

We successfully connected and are still monitoring:-

4 Networks (Sigfox, LoRaWAN, 3G/4G and Satellite)

15 different solution providers,

20 different device types

280 individual devices pinging every 15 minutes.

PLUS other data including web, satellite imagery and software.

A special thank you to all of the providers at the forum, for being so willing and interested in centralising their data, to improved operations decision support.

Join the ecosystem

For those that are unsure of what exactly an ecosystem is, well for the Pairtree ecosystem it is, where farmers, researchers, innovators, startups and existing tech companies all complement each other to build productivity solutions that can be developed separately and then centralised with other related data through our independent platform.


Farmers can contact us any time with your list of digital solutions that you are considering trying to centralise to improve operation insights and gain a consistent decsion making process across the suite of solutions that your business has.

Paired Partners

Solution providers can initiate an interest to co-operate and integrate with Pairtree by simply contacting us. Once we or one of your clients has approached us to PAIR to Pairtree and we have added your data to a dashboard, we will cross promote your business as a Paired Partner.


After working with NSW DPI and MLA, Pairtree has proven that our integrations, analysis and customisations can leverage research and extension activities. Contact us to discuss whether we can assist in your research projects?

If you like our first blog, please include a friend or associate that would also value updates from Pairtree the Universal Dashboard.



Hamish Munro

Hamish Munro
Agtech entrepreneur, solving big data issues with farmer friendly approaches